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Thinking of starting your own farm?

Looking for grant opportunities?

Want to learn more about forest farming?

Below are some helpful links to get you started!

General Resources

WV Small Business Development Center

The Yew Mountain Center

  • The Yew Mountain Center is on a 500-acre nature preserve among the forests and farms of West Virginia.

Resources for farmers

Farmers' Guide to the Inflation Reduction Act 2022

  • Through the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), the USDA has announced a farm loan relief program that will provide 1.3 billion in debt relief for 36,000 farmers who have fallen behind on loan payments. This guide looks at what the IRA calls “relief for borrowers" and “discrimination financial assistance" and also looks at changes the IRA makes to the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA).

Build- A -Lease

  • Farmers and landowners--and the land--benefit from good farm leases. A sound, written farm lease doesn't have to be complicated, but it should have a solid legal foundation and reflect the interests and goals of both parties. The Land For Good Build-A-Lease tool will help you develop or improve your farm lease.

National Young Farmers Coalition

  • Finding Farmland Course- A series of lessons that will prepare you to confidently approach the financial decisions related to acquiring your first farm.

Northeast SARE: Farmer Grants

  • Farmer Grants are for commercial producers who have an innovative idea they want to test using a field trial, on-farm demonstration, marketing initiative, or other technique. Proposal deadlines are in early winter with awards announced the following spring.

Environmental Quality Incentives Program

  • The Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) provides financial and technical assistance to agricultural producers to address natural resource concerns and deliver environmental benefits such as improved water and air quality, conserved ground and surface water, increased soil health and reduced soil erosion and sedimentation, improved or created wildlife habitat, and mitigation against drought and increasing weather volatility.

Farmer Veteran Coalition

  • Farmer Veteran Coalition Fellowship Fund- grant opportunity due February-March every year

Rural Action (Non-Timber Forest Products)

  • Cultivation, economic and policy guides

WV Forest Farming Initiative

  • The West Virginia Forest Farming Initiative is a collaborative effort of six partner organizations to grow a thriving ecosystem and economy for non-timber forest products and the people who love them in the Mountain State.

United Plant Savers

  • Forest farming resource

Certified Naturally Grown

  • Certified Naturally Grown provides a much-needed complement to the National Organic program. CNG is tailored for direct-market farmers producing food for their local communities.

WV Herb Association

  • WVHA is a non-profit, educational organization whose mission is to promote the ethical and environmentally sound propagation, cultivation, harvest and use of herbs in West Virginia.

Farm Service Agency (FSA)

  • Register your farm and get set up for assistance programs. They offer the FSA Loan as well as other insurance/incentive programs (i.e. crop insurance, disaster assistance, etc).

Future Harvest CASA

  • Future Harvest is a membership nonprofit advancing agriculture that sustains farmers, communities, and the environment in the Chesapeake Bay watershed (VA, WV, MD, DE). Visit their website for a wealth of resources and opportunities.

Farm Aid Covid-19 Resources

  • A wonderful wealth of articles, resources and options for navigating the ongoing pandemic.

Resources for farmers markets

Farmers Market Coalition

WV Farmers Market Association


Business resources

Clay County Regional Hub

  • A recap of all the attendees, problems, and solutions from the event.

Fayette County Regional Hub

  • A recap of all the attendees, problems, and solutions from the event.

Kanawha County Regional Hub

  • A recap of all the attendees, problems, and solutions from the event.

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