​The Placemaking program is taking an approach towards geographic food systems development which breaks the state into clusters (foodsheds) based on how food travels, common culture, and producers. The Coalition intends to organize around local food and let the foodsheds and the communities take control of their food system development. Ultimately this will result in foodshed identities, connecting the local food sector to tourism as visitors seek unique experiences. We aim to help communities in various geographic areas to create their own experiences utilizing local foods as economic development.

Hatfield-McCoy Heritage Foods Dinner Series

The Hatfield-McCoy Heritage Food Dinner series is a project that brings tourists and community members to the table together.  Local community organizers are taking the lead in developing heritage food dinners that highlight what makes their place special.  The organizers are bringing together community members and farmers to create local food dinners that take place throughout the season, supporting local businesses and farmers. This region has a rich history of food and agriculture, and each heritage food dinner will highlight the unique qualities of the land, people, and food.

In partnership with: 

Kanawha Valley Local Food Project

This project focuses on communities in the Kanawha Valley Region with farmer's markets to help introduce them to the concept of placemaking and aid the market in undertaking activities that propel farmer's markets to the center of placemaking in their community.  Part of this work includes aiding markets in their ability to accept SNAP and gaining SNAP recipients as a customer base, thereby keeping more dollars in smaller West Virginia communities and in the pockets of local farmers. ​

Additionally, we will be collaborated with Putnam County and the Town of Clay to develop a community-driven plan and implement food and agriculture placemaking activities aimed to increase the community's economic development capacity. 

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