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Policy Advocacy 

state policy:

​     On a local level, we provide a platform for state food issues to be represented by farmers and food systems advocates in the West Virginia Legislature. In the spring, Working Groups identify issues and attend advocacy trainings, growing support, and consensus for their issues. As the year continues, we conduct legal research, develop support at the legislature, and build a statewide coalition of support for the issue– implementing a legislative campaign in order to change, create, or dissolve laws to help grow our WV food systems.

national policy:

     The West Virginia Food & Farm Coalition can give voice to West Virginia farmers and eaters on a national level. Federal food policies matter to all West Virginians, and we regularly mobilize our constituency to act on issues that will affect them. 

As a Participating Member of the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition, The West Virginia Food & Farm Coalition participates in NSAC gatherings, NSAC Issue Committees, and other NSAC activities. Participating Members may also serve on the Organizational Council and the Grassroots Council.

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