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How we started

The West Virginia Food and Farm Coalition was launched by the West Virginia Community Development Hub in August 2010. Beginning in 2010, West Virginia communities contacted the Hub requesting food and farm information and resources. It soon became clear that to shape the economic landscape of local food would require resource and information sharing between individuals, farmers, governmental agencies, and businesses. At that time, limited communication and organization meant that divisions existed among communities and service organizations that hampered the development of the local food sector.

Given this gap and these divisions, The West Virginia Community Development Hub convened over 25 food-focused agencies and organizations to identify the need and shape the basis for a new initiative to be called The West Virginia Food and Farm Coalition.

Today, The West Virginia Food and Farm Coalition has developed beyond our focus on relationship-building and provides leadership to the local food and farm sector across the state of West Virginia by building a strong network equipped to GROW food and farm business, PROMOTE access to local foods, SHARE resources, as well as to MAP and CONNECT the local food sector, CHANGE agricultural policy, and TELL West Virginia’s food and farm story statewide.

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