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Open Positions and Request for Proposals 

We are embarking on an exciting project with Keep Your Faith Corporation (KYFC) to open a small grocery store on Charleston’s West Side that will serve as a model for sustainable and community-focused operations. We are seeking proposals from qualified and experienced professionals to assist us in the development of a site plan (physical), determination of standard operating procedures (SOPs), setup of inventory/sourcing for the store, and the creation of a comprehensive toolkit that will serve as a guide to opening a rural grocery store from scratch. 

This position is ideal for you if you enjoy writing! More importantly, grant writing! If you are interested in working with staff, community members, and community partners to distill big ideas into bite-sized, fundable chunks of information and then transform that information into beautifully written, data-supported, evidence-based proposals. This position is also ideal for you if you enjoy researching potential grant opportunities and keeping tight organization of opportunity deadlines and reporting requirements/deadlines. Lastly, if you can patiently work with staff to develop necessary reporting documents.

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