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Request for Applications: Safer at My Local Market Grant 


The West Virginia Food & Farm Coalition is soliciting applications from farmers markets, on-farm stands, and brick-and-mortar local grocers to participate in an opportunity to 1) grow their market’s promotional capacities to reach SNAP Stretch customers 2) Include household items such as toilet paper and cleaning supplies into their market in order to make it more of a “one-stop shopping” experience” and 3) provide personal protective equipment at their market. 


Funding for this is limited, so the Coalition is soliciting applications for participating sites. The application is very short and seeks to determine which funding opportunities the site wishes to engage in. Sites may choose to apply to participate in all options above or may apply to participate in just one. The application also seeks to determine the person(s) from the site that will be dedicated to the project. 


This is a non-competitive application. Sites that meet all of the eligibility requirements will be randomly selected in order to ensure equitable distribution of funds. 



Sites must be currently participating in SNAP Stretch or currently in the process of enrolling in SNAP Stretch. Sites must dedicate a contact person/liaison to the project. 


What is being applied for: Eligible sites may apply for any or all of the following: 

  1. Developing promotional outreach for SNAP Stretch recipients. Awardees will work with the Coalition’s outreach coordinator to develop an individualized promotional plan for the community that the market works within. This may look like developing postcards for a senior living facility or using Facebook to target ads. Participants can expect to work with the communications coordinator for 60-90 minutes initially with follow-up conversations to execute the expenditure of funds. $250-$500 is available to purchase postcards, ads, or other marketing materials specifically related to SNAP Stretch. 

    1. Reporting: No additional reporting will be necessary beyond the regular Reimbursement Report.

  2. Offering household items at the market. This is an experimental project wherein markets will attempt to attract more customers (particularly senior citizens) by offering household items for sale at the market, in order to make the market a “one-stop shop”. The fund of $400-$625 pays for the initial inventory of items. Markets may use the sales of initial inventory items to replenish additional inventory. 

    1. Reporting: A simple and short interview will be conducted at the end of the market season to determine the effectiveness of the experiment. Sites are asked to track the overall inventory sales and category of items that sold (Toilet paper vs. Household cleaners, etc) 

    2. *Please note that brick and mortar retailers are not eligible for this category of funding.

  3. Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) for the site. May be used to purchase masks, gloves, sanitizer, cleaner, and other times. $100-$200 is available per site. 

    1. Report: No reporting necessary  


Questions: Matthew David Thompson, or 304-539-21141


Due Date:

Applications are due June 29th, click here to apply! 

Not yet enrolled in SNAP Stretch? Contact Bethany Lewis at 

Special thanks to the Nutrition Incentive Hub for helping to make this grant possible: Gretchen Swanson Center for Nutrition, Fair Food NetworkNational Grocers Association, Farmer’s Market Coalition, Ecology Center, Michigan Farmers Market Association 

If you would like to download the Request for Applications click the PDF below