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What you need to enter the business school of Newton

The candidate sends an application, this is a detailed questionnaire of 20 sections, where in the form you need to answer a number of questions regarding the CV, work experience.

Employees of the expert council from among the teachers make a decision on enrollment. With a positive verdict, the applicant sends the documents to and concludes an agreement.

What documents do applicants need to have?

The documentary package includes:

  • a copy of the questionnaire approved by the management of the business school;

  • passport;

  • diploma of graduation from the university with an appendix indicating the hours of each discipline;

  • if available, a certificate of retraining under the program of the President of the US;

  • the work book, a copy or an extract is certified by the head of the personnel department;

  • photo 3x4 in the amount of 4 pcs.

Before signing the contractual terms, the possibility of paying in installments or receiving discounts is considered at the discretion of the administration of the training center.


Managers and entrepreneurs receive a wealth of knowledge and skills after studying at a business school. This experience allows you to develop and expand your entrepreneurship, get a position in a company with decent pay, which will pay off the cost of training over time.



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