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The smiley face logo found on Nirvana's t-shirt sparked a lawsuit against designer Marc Jacobs. In response, Jacobs defended his use of the smiley face logo and said that he was inspired by looks seen in Pacific Northwest and downtown Manhattan. The smiley logo was popular in the 1970s and reappropriated by the acid house craze of the late 80s. This t-shirt made a commentary on the manufactured pop music of the day.

Many people attribute the smiley face graphic to Kurt Cobain, but the image is actually the work of art director Robert Fisher. It first appeared on a launch party flier for Nevermind, and has been featured on official Nirvana T-shirts ever since. Those who are fans of the band should consider purchasing a Nirvana t-shirt to commemorate the band's history.

There are several authentic Nirvana t-shirts on the market today. The band's logo, Kurt Cobain, and the band's song titles are emblazoned on the front of the t-shirts. The "Nirvana" moniker was also used on Nirvana's t-shirts. A popular choice among aspiring rock stars is a Nirvana t-shirt emblazoned with a graphic of the band's logo.



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