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How many volts is a fully charged 24v lithium ion battery? How many V's after an hour or two of tranzashi? What is the minimum consumption of V before charging?

In the case of lithium iron, the full voltage of the monomer is 3.65v and the full voltage is 2.5v. 24v is usually 8 strings, and 27.2v/20.0v can be obtained by ×8.

If it is ternary lithium, the charging voltage of the monomer is 4.2v, and the discharging voltage is 3.6v. 24v is usually 6 strings, and you can get 25.2v/21.6v by ×6.

Normal battery is full after unplugging the charger, the voltage will drop slightly, 0.5-1v, which is related to the charging current. After the current is full, it will fall faster, but not too much.

Note for lithium battery charger:

Lithium-ion batteries can be stored in a clean, dry and ventilated room with an ambient temperature of -5°C to 35°C and a relative humidity of no more than 75%. Contact with corrosive substances should be avoided and fire and heat sources should be kept away. Keep the battery charge at 30 to 50 percent of its nominal capacity. Storage batteries are recommended to be recharged every 6 months.

The lithium-ion battery is charged in CC/CV mode (constant current + constant voltage), that is to say, it is charged at a constant current first, and when the voltage reaches 4.2V *n, it will be charged at constant voltage, and the charge will stop when the current decreases to 0.01C.

Discharge current: Discharge current should be 1.0C or less. (If the user wishes to discharge the battery with a current greater than 1.0C, please contact the lithium battery manufacturer).

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