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For all land inquiries please contact Matthew Thompson at: or (304) 926-0567. 

Myers Farm

Location: Western Berkeley County (near Tilhance Creek)
Acreage: 110 Acres
Proposed Tenure Arrangement: Long-term lease agreement

The Myer’s Farm in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia sits in the fertile bottomlands of Berkeley County. Gently sloping pasture and fairly steep limestone forest enrolled in the Berkeley County Farmland Protection Program. The farm includes a house and bank barn in excellent condition.

Springer Farm

Location: Lavalette, WV
Acreage: 4 acres to lease
Proposed Tenure Arrangement: Short-term lease or share crop

Productive sandy loam, well drained bottom land, level with easy access. Five miles from Huntington. The land has produced good crops of assorted vegetables for 5 years. Drip irrigation on cultivated portion. Addition pasture could be cultivated.
Approximately 15,000 sq ft is cultivated, irrigated and fenced. Another 25,000 sq ft is mowed pasture in the fence. High tunnel 20 x 48.

Dawson Farm

Location: Putnam/Mason County line
Acreage: 430 acres to lease
Proposed Tenure Arrangement: Lease for sweat equity

​At one time the property was comprised of three homesteads that were all working farms. In recent years the only farm production has been hay, but at one time there had been livestock and other agricultural product produced on the farm. I would like to have someone interested in leasing part of the farm to put it back into production and maintain the land.

Turnpike House

Location: Purgitsville, WV (Hampshire/Hardy County line) 
Acreage: 26 acres to lease
Proposed Tenure Arrangement: Long-term lease potentially in exchange for sweat equity

Perfect for a small craft farm! There is some bottom land on the property that was once used as a large vegetable garden and that is tillable. There is also a small area with marshy conditions because there is at least one spring on the property. Otherwise, gently hilly woodland. Mixed soil conditions, some quite slaty and dry (cedars love it and also prickly pears).

The house on the property is currently being renovated and dates back to the 1880s. New kitchen and bathroom added in the 1980s. Well water and septic tank. House located very close to the highway, so probably not a good home for dogs or cats but would be happy to make arrangements to build a tall, sturdy fence along the road.

The outbuildings have fallen down (except for one small shed, "the smoke house") and would be happy to make an arrangement to rebuild them. 

The local country store used to be on the property too, adjacent to the highway (just out of view in the photo shared here, on the left-hand side) and I would love to see it rebuilt at some point. 

Reynes Farm

Location: Shepherdstown, WV
Acreage: 1 acre tillable land
​Proposed Tenure Agreement: Lease or sell

Two large greenhouses and one tillable acre outdoors to lease. The property includes a small apartment with a commercial sink and a shed for storage. Greenhouses have large tables down the center and room on the sides for shelving. They also include composting bins. Also open to selling the greenhouses to move elsewhere. 1/2 of the plantable space has been tilled and amended. 1/2 would need to be worked from scratch.

Leatherman Farm

Location: Old Fields, WV
Acreage: 10-12 acres
Proposed Tenure Agreement: Lease 

Currently, the farm is mainly producing strawberries, but asparagus and blackberries have also been established. In the past we have also grown pumpkin patches.  Continuation of that business and expansion of the produce already grown on the farm would be preferable as we are already known locally as a u-pick operation. We also produce boiler chickens, and will continue to do so while leasing the 10-12 acres of fruit and vegetable production. We are happy to help any beginning farmers start their farming journey and share our experiences. There is some infrastructure already in place including irrigation systems.

Gooding Farm

Location: Gilmer/Lewis County line
Acreage: 300 acres to lease
Proposed Tenure Arrangement: Lease, rent to own, partnership, open to discussion

The farm property encompasses 300 acres of combined fenced pasture, meadow, and forest near Stonewall Resort.  There is an abundance of water on the farm, gravity fed springs and a pond.  In the past, it has housed sheep, goats, cattle, horses, and produced a number of organic vegetables, fruit, and wool/yarn. The farm has a variety of possibilities including hay and crop fields, and many outbuildings to facilitate a business. At one time there was a bed and breakfast that operated as a retreat and provided workshops and organic foods for clientele.  The current owner is looking to help mentor a beginning farmer interested in starting their own profitable, sustainable, and environmentally conscious enterprise.  Housing can be available upon request.

Litten Farm

Location: Morgan County
Acreage: 22 acres
Proposed Tenure Agreement: Lease, open to discussion

The property has 22 fenced in acres, 15 of which are cleared.  The majority of the land is flat with a small drainage pond. Additionally, there is a barn that can be used and well water available. The owner lives on a house on the property, but a mobile housing arrangement would be a possibility.

For all land inquiries please contact Matthew Thompson at: or (304) 926-0567. 

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