COVID-19 Resources

First and foremost, it is our hope that you and your families are holding up and are safe in this strange time we find ourselves in. 

We've received good guidance from experts in safe handling of produce and other food during this time. As that information continues to come in and evolve, we'll continue to share it.  Below you will find links to different resources that you might find useful. 

Lastly, we are lucky enough to, by-in-large, be able to work remotely and that is what the WVFFC staff is doing until further notice. For the safety of our team and our community, we've canceled all in-person meetings and instructed the field staff to check-in with their community partners via the phone. It's certainly not ideal, but we'll keep figuring it out one day at a time. 


If we can help, please let us know. We're all in this together, 


General Resources:

Resources for small businesses: