The COVID-19 Pandemic is testing the resiliency of our local, state, regional and national food systems. The pandemic has stretched or even broken the “value-chains” that bring food from the farm to our plates, whether they are the long chains tied to retail groceries or short chains like farmers markets. As the combined effort of government, for-profit, nonprofit and philanthropy work to fix or adapt these value chains, both farmers and consumers are taking a big hit.


The Central Appalachian Family Farm Fund is an internal collection of funds assembled from multiple private philanthropic resources with a common goal to support Central Appalachian farmers in times of need. Most importantly, we need to thank our friends at Farm Aid for making the first contribution to this fund.


The Central Appalachian Family Farm Fund encompasses West Virginia, Southwest Virginia, Northeast Tennessee, Southeast Ohio, and Eastern Kentucky. The West Virginia Chapter of the fund is coordinated by the West Virginia Food & Farm Coalition. 


At the moment, current funding is supporting farmers affected by the COVID-19 crisis, however, we look forward to the Fund supporting other businesses that participate in developing the food system in West Virginia -- please stay tuned as that develops. 

For Farmers:  

Grants will be awarded between $500-$750 per farm.

First-round applications are due June 26th. Notifications will be sent out the week of July 6th. 

Priority for funding will go to those who:

  • Have been most impacted by the COVID-19 crisis

  • Have been most disadvantaged before the crisis and/or during crisis recovery due to race, gender, or another protected class

  • Have the largest proportion of their income derived from farm production

  • Demonstrated a connection addressing community food security

The West Virginia Chapter of this Fund would welcome your donation. Click here to donate! 

We are happy to help you apply!

Please email any of the following contacts for one-on-one guidance through the application process.

Other partners in the Central Appalachian Family Farm Fund:


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